Is medical news today a primary source?

We have strict sourcing guidelines and rely only on peer-reviewed studies, academic research institutions, and medical journals. Primary sources, including studies, scientific references, and statistics, are linked within each article and appear in the resources section at the bottom. Almost a decade ago, I had a simple idea: to deliver fast and accurate medical news to doctors in a format that was easily accessible and turn that news into a teaching moment. Nearly five years ago, that idea came true with the launch of MedPage Today.

From Monday to Friday (and if there is news, Saturday and Sunday as well), MedPage Today delivers on our promise to put the latest medical news into action. Our reporters and editors not only scan pre-publication copies of leading medical journals looking for medical news that is likely to influence daily clinical practice, but they also travel around the world to report on medical news delivered at scientific meetings. Attempts by societies to control the meeting are often successful, sometimes so successful that they actually become controllers of the news. Let me make a comparison for you.

The National Football League (NFL) only allows limited coverage of its matches and access to local press. They want to control the flow of news and the benefits that come from it. The NFL is a private company and, as such, you can decide who enters your private world and who doesn't. When MedPage Today wants to send our reporters to cover a medical meeting, we must first submit an application to the association's press office to receive press credentials.

This is the standard procedure, and through this process organizations try to ensure that only legitimate news organizations, rather than public relations firms, interest groups and self-advocates, occupy limited space in newsrooms. But beyond merely confirming the legitimacy of a news operation, some large medical societies create obstacles to news operations such as MedPage Today. Another company says there is no news with CME. We believe this is a problem not only for MedPage Today, but also for anyone who wants medical professionals to have access to important and timely medical news.

Whether it's information on conditions, updates on treatment developments, or management recommendations for their daily lives, Medical News Today helps these consumers develop a deep understanding of their specific health journey. Health and medicine encyclopedias, dictionaries, and manuals can provide basic information on health and medicine, definitions and explanations of concepts and vocabulary, and descriptions of procedures, processes and functions. For these curious consumers who need science-backed health information, Medical News Today offers clarity in the voice of a fellow intellectual.