What is kaiser health news?

Kaiser Health News - What is Kaiser Health News?

What is kaiser health news

If you are wondering, "What is Kaiser Health News?" Then you are in the right place. Learn more about our Mission, Board members, and Reporting. You may even discover some interesting facts that you didn't know! The Kaiser Family Foundation is an information-producing non-profit organization. Henry J. Kaiser and his families founded the organization in 1961. KFF is today the third-largest foundation in the United States.

About Kaiser health news

Kaiser Health News is a news source for anyone who is interested in health care. It is a non-profit organization that provides detailed coverage of the medical and healthcare worlds. From the politics behind health care reform to how the government funds research, Kaiser Health News does it all. It's also free. What's so great about Kaiser Health News? We have compiled some of their most viewed stories and they are always free to view.


Kaiser Health News, a non-profit newsroom on health, provides in-depth journalism about health issues to newspapers across America. The Kaiser Family Foundation supports the news service. The mission of Kaiser Health News is to "report health news in an accessible manner." Founded in 2009, the news service is an editorially independent part of the foundation. Kaiser Permanente is a significant supporter of the foundation, but it is not a partner. The news service is a critical part of the foundation's health care coverage.

Board members

The Kaiser Health Board members represent the most diverse perspectives of the medical community. The board includes leaders in business, medical education, technology, and healthcare, and represents the interests of a wide range of health-care professionals. The board represents the interests of a diverse group of compassionate healers, lifelong learners, and courageous change agents. Members of the Kaiser Health Board include Barbara Kaiser, president and CEO of Kaiser Permanente, and Barbara and John Tyson, board members of Merit Medical Systems.


Currently, KHN and NPR are collaborating on a 15-month project to improve and expand their coverage of health care. This partnership will improve local reporting and simplify national health care issues. Listeners will be able to trust the information provided by this partnership. NPR and Kaiser Health News have assembled a team of highly qualified journalists to make this possible. In addition, the collaboration between the two media groups has yielded several highly regarded stories.


Kaiser Health is committed to addressing the critical health issues of our community throughout the year. This commitment is reflected by our sponsorship programs. These programs help fund learning forums and fundraising activities, and we invite eligible nonprofits and other community organizations to apply for grants. Visit our application portal to apply. You can also learn about current opportunities for partnership. Here are some examples. Read on to learn more about how you can work with Kaiser to improve the health of your community.