What the health fake news?

Every two years, a new “health” documentary appears in the media or during dinner conversation. Nine times out of 10, the conclusion of the film is that you should consume your vegetables in liquid form and eat soy burgers for the rest of your life. I learned the ethics of eating meat from a Tibetan lama in a monastery high on the Tibetan plateau. Just after almost a year of being a raw vegan, I accused the head of the monastery of being hypocritical.

How could they teach “do not kill” and hang a yak skin from the prayer post? With a twinkle in her eyes, the wise flame said simply “one death feeds everyone. We talked about it for a while. It turns out that you can eat half a pound of beef from a grass-fed cow and kill about 0.35 animals per year in total. You don't need much meat and I don't recommend it either.

Animal fat is the real treasure. A soy burger kills tens to thousands of animals depending on what you think, including rabbits, turtles, mice, ladybugs, butterflies and many other animals killed by harvesters and habitat destruction. Distill the world's data, information and knowledge into beautiful infographics and visualizations. In short, 96 percent of the data don't support the claims made in this film.

The film does not cite a single rigorous randomized controlled trial on humans that supports its arguments. In contrast, WTH presents a large amount of weak epidemiological data, case studies of one or two people, or other inconclusive evidence. Some of the cited studies actually conclude the opposite of what is stated. Most of the misinformation in the film is simply due to a misunderstanding of nutrition science and research.

But some moments seemed openly dishonest to me. While he doesn't say it directly, filmmaker Kip Andersen gives the impression that he is exploring a vegan diet for the first time. He says, “Like many people, I was looking for an excuse not to change my diet. I had a hard time believing that I wasn't vegan while I was making this film.

And the other half of the filmmaker duo, Keegan Kuhn, have stated that they have been vegan for decades. So all of this seemed pretty false to me. What the Health is the groundbreaking follow-up film from the creators of the award-winning documentary Cowspiracy. The film exposes collusion and corruption in government and big business that are costing us billions of dollars in healthcare and keeping us sick.

What the Health highlights several aspects of the US food system that are often criticized, including the amount of antibiotics used in agriculture, which is linked to growing health problems, such as antibiotic resistance. What Health Highlights: Studies that find links between people who drink milk and an increased risk of cancer, as Vox News points out, but there have also been many studies in prominent journals that have not found a link between dairy and certain types of cancer. But are health claims valid? Do we all need to be vegan to save our health? Read on for a science-based view of the film. There is no doubt that food companies have distorted the science of nutrition and health research, and have tried to influence the health guidelines and lifestyle advice they receive.

This claim that equates egg consumption with one of the most dangerous health behaviors known to mankind. is absurd and reflects an outdated understanding of the role of cholesterol in health.